Gameplay Combinations

Tat Star (Follow link for .pdf Design Document)

I led a design team to make the documentation for an app game on a mobile device.

To make the game stand out, our team needed to successfully combine two gameplay styles and give the player a personalized experience.​ The theme of tattoos was agreed on. I designed the gameplay similar to "Crazy Cutter" mini-game from Mario Party​. Tattoo artists will trace a customer's desired ink, and are rated based on how close the final print is versus the intended image. By adding a sandbox-mode, it gives the feeling of being a skilled tattoo artist that can free-hand a design. 

Tattoo parlors themselves come in many shapes, sizes, and smells. Why not give the player their own shop to run how they please? Similar to Clash of Clans, the game is designed for the player to be able to expand and upgrade their own parlor, but can also customize their shop how they want. Do they want a grungy, biker feel, or a pristine, classy look to their business? It's up to them, and their ability to draw on the lines.  


​​Max Couch
 Game D​eveloper​​ 

Combat Systems

Stealth Combat (Follow link for Design Document on Word)

As a personal project, I designed a stealth-combat system to be used for simple, top-down gameplay. I thought over Tom Clancy's: Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, and Assassin's Creed, and started looking into why those games were fun. To contrast that, I also delved into reviews to find out the biggest grievances in popular stealth titles. I found that a great factor in what makes these games great is the variety of options offered to the player. I designed the system and concept level to give the player the choices of pure stealth, violent rampage, or anything between.

A common complaint in stealth games is the low chance of survival after being detected. The systems and level was designed to give the player a greater chance of survival should they be discovered, but balanced by giving the AI a greater chance of discovering the player. The perks in the skill trees grant the player even further options in terms of being a ghost or being Predator.