Favorite Games:

Mario 64
​Banjo Kazooie


Conker's Bad Fur Day

The Legacy of Kain

Command and Conquer


Gears of War

Grand Theft Auto


Mass Effect

Heavy Rain

LA Noire

Resident Evil


Telltale's The Walking Dead​

The Elder Scrolls

The Witcher

World of Warcraft


I graduated from Indiana University; earning my Bachelor's in Science of Game Design. The instructors are talented people from the games industry, and they have imparted valuable insight into what it takes to make a game. While taking courses, I found myself able to lead teams to produce results above and beyond expectations. Not only that, but I was also able to maintain a high morale between team members throughout the projects' lifetimes. Group cohesiveness is important when working in a team, and I facilitate bonds between members. My time in the industry has taught me the ins-and-outs of design, art, sound, programming, and the necessary steps needed to launch games.

Hello! My name is Max Couch, and I am a Game Developer currently residing in Indianapolis, IN. I understand the systems in games, and the steps necessary in the production of entertaining core loops. I communicate well within small and large teams, quickly learn new concepts and group dynamics, and find ways for a team to agree on the best solutions for emergent obstacles.

​​Max Couch
 Game D​eveloper​​